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The Process

At New England Landscapes, our artistry begins with the renowned creative vision of our designers.  We bring together the elements of the natural world; capture your tastes, desires, and lifestyle - and design the perfect environment for you.

Each project has its own unique qualities.  However, we try to follow a systematic approach to the design process.  We first meet with the property​ owner to discuss the project goals, budget, and construction process. At this time, we also work with the client to determine if a single or multi-phase project will better suit their needs.

Based on the discussions with the client, our design team will conduct a thorough site analysis to properly develop a detailed landscape plan.  At times, the designers will also produce a 3-D perspective drawing to help better visualize the project.  Using these drawings, we will prepare and present the construction costs of the project.

With more than 50 years of collective experience, our design and installation teams bring your property to life, transforming the mundane to the spectacular, the commonplace to the truly memorable.

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